And the Parts Pile..

Allegra the (Demon Hunter) Cass says "It's just as I suspected--body parts were hidden in this box!" I need to sell or string them...

William (Granado Guilem, who got left out of the closeups yesterday) says "There was a whole box of..hands."


  1. There are too many words to say how THIS is so THIS, this is so--just true! Write a book! You can photo story the Doll's pov on BJD collecting and make a fortune! ^_^ It would be a must have for doll collectors.

    1. LOL, in my spare time..but I am glad I made you chuckle! The body parts are, in reality, labelled and wrapped, but I piled them up for Allegra's benefit. I also had to photoshop over the cheery Christmas Cactus, which is blooming in the background, looking way too colorful for the scene.:D


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