Volks Once More Tries Fantasy

This is Belldandy, a Super Dollfie Graffiti size girl (sort of Super Gem sized), trying hard to achieve the Soom "look". You can see her trying to drum up enthusiasm, posing carefully in her Soom-esque outfit...with a anime face. You have to give them props for trying to keep their own style while getting a peep-toehold into the fantasy market. I also must admit I totally stole this promo from Ilsonya's Blog, because I never go look at the Volks promos myself.

Akutenshi wrote me with a addendum to this post:

I was on your blog and you were commenting about the new Volks doll "Belldandy." She is a very famous anime character, actually! ^-^ She is from Oh! My Goddess and is very "old school." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oh_My_Goddess!