New Resin colors from Dollshe

Not to be outdone by Mirodoll, Dollshe introduces their own flavors of mint green and unlikely blue to their lineup.

I stole the Dollshe photo from Ilsonya's blog, and the Russian comments were, as always, very amusing. No one was really in favor of "Elf Green" looks a little radioactive to me, and a color more suitable to a tiny plastic dinosaur than a large, elegant male doll (I really can't see Ausley Love in that green, either). The grays and the marble, (shown below) were much better recieved, partly because they are easier to do a faceup on that the strong colors, and because they are more "statue/stone" than "something you found in your breakfast cereal box."

Iron is also a nice color, though the gold reminded the Russians of C-3P0. A lot depends on how translucent it is. I had a little Todd Mc Farland Valkyrie action figure that had her armor done partly in gold resin, and while it was fine for the outfit, it looked like it would be tough to cast smoothly on a big piece--there is a lot of pigment in there. I also personally have no use for a 70 cm Oscar Award. ;)

The Bryant marble is interesting--the resin is not much different than the old "drainboard corian" and if you go to Home Depot there are a whole range of colors and marbles that would be awesome as a special order--the challenge is in getting the special ones to have detail and undercuts, instead of being just a flat slab. But a doll in Hi-Macs Black Pearl would be pretty cool.


  1. O_o first a male Gisele Bundchen, from IoS, now Paul Newman from Dollshe. Doll sculptors are getting very sneaky. I wouldn't be able to look at that doll without wanting pasta or some salad dressing. >.<;; That sunshine gold is awesome.

    1. Poor Paul, remembered not for acting or racing cars but for salad dressing and marinara. Though he does make a mighty fine marinara :D


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