Now that we have cat perches in the living room...

I think this is what is coming next. I think the photo is an Irving Penn one from a Vogue photoshoot c.1961. My friend Tery has ocicats. She says they are "busy".:D


  1. A while back, I had seen a photo of an apartment living room that was designed for cats to slink along walls and across faux cross beams. I wish I could find it again.
    Ah the sixties, very mad in more more ways than one. People trying to raise lions in London flats.

    1. Can you imagine the "cat smell"? you don't want to take a squirt bottle to a lion as a "do not spray" training tool. ;) I have a rule that all my pets can fit into a carrier on the back seat. They certainly can't outweigh me. :D


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