This is what I did most of today. I will add the closeups and names tomorrow!


  1. My first thought was, "My, that's an awfully small couch!"

    Then the reality of the situation sank in. That's not an abnormally small couch, but a perfectly normal one that has been dwarfed by a magnificent doll collection of epic proportions!

    Amazing group! It must have taken a while to prop them up in some semblance of order. ;D But thanks for taking the time and posting pictures of your glorious collection! I love your dolls. <3

    1. It took about three hours, since everyone was in boxes, no wigs or clothes (I keep them boxed up when I am not working on them). I was actually a little surprised how big the group has gotten--I don't see them together often and I buy them in bits and pieces as they come on the market. I used to sell as many dolls as I bought, but these last two years I have been kind of bad, partly because a lot of people are getting rid of the classic Soom MD's I love and I have been able to snap them up! And thank you too!


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