More Inventory

I am not doing a group shot again for a while--luckily J was home to entertain Stripey, or there would have been dolls everywhere--she really wanted to sit in the MIDDLE of the couch while I tried to pile up dolls. But this is part of the crowd from yesterday's group picture.

From left to right, top to bottom; a Faryland Shushu, a Souldoll Paratiisi, a Soom Sphaler without his horns or feet (I didn't want to go digging for the horns and the feet were last seen on the boat to Sweden. The redhead is a Granado Xavier, then a Delf Juri 07 b, and a Granado Davon, a Granado Fayette on the edge, with msd sized Jack Barnett (actually in real clothes:D ) Under them is a lavender Soom Migma, a Soom Cuprit, a Soom Galena, a Soom Cass, a Soom Elf Mecha Angel Sabik, Soom Gneiss, another Soom Sphaler, and a Soom Beryl (Free Choice version). I tried to keep the company groups together, but towards the end I was just looking for holes I could shove dolls into, because I was losing the light.

That's an Iplehouse Aurora and a Iplehouse Jessica. Jess pretty much wears the clothes I do ;).

Of these, I think Soom Tremo (in the orange wig) doesn't show on the other photos.

That is a Doll in Mind Elf on a Dollzone 70 body. Those DZ 70 cm bodies rock--they stand with no proppage.

The Dollzone Wing 1 is another one of those big bodies--he's actually helping to hold up the Dollzone Celine/Impldoll/Galena feet combo next to him.

Three Soom girls--A Soom Onyx Light, A Soom Cuprit MD, and a Soom Migma.

The Granado Xavier, the Delf Juri '07b again, and Granado Davon.

An Iplehouse Addiction Bianca, a Fairyland Vampire Moon, and an old Delf Moon whose wig has gone walkabout somewhere.

A Granado Katrien, a Granado Gitana, and a Granado Sidonia, all in a row ;)

Another Soom Sphaler, with (I think) DollFamily horns.

An amusingly grumpy Soom Free Choice Vesuvia.

Finally, an Iplehouse Denzel and an Immortality of Soul "G". And yes, they all have names but you'll have to go look at my profile on Den of Angels to see what they are, as I just came in from shoveling snow and I am ready to stop typing and get something hot to drink!


  1. Ah, bad mom syndrome. My mom told me about my grandmother, 9 kids. "You,---'pause'---who ever you are!---clean up your room!"

    What a gorgeous crew, and so many cute outfits!

    1. When my much-younger sister came to visit I occasionally slipped and called her K's name, which she took with good just get to the point when it becomes "generic you" for all the "kids." Including any and all cats.

    2. Also, a lot of those "clothes" are scarves, but thank you! :D


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