Iplehouse Discontinued Sculpts (as of Feb 28 2014)

Alas, even Denzel! :o Here's the notice:

Hello, this is Iplehouse.

Today we have one sad news.

To offer better service and products, we decided to discontinue some of the characters on 2014. Below dolls will be sold until Febuary 28th and will be discontinued.

BID Ringo

JID Boy Vito

JID Boy Joshua

JID Boy Jerome

JID Boy Ryan

SID Man Lee

SID Man Denzel

SID Man Theo (new body)

EID Man Kamau (new body)

EID Man Douglas

EID Man Evan

EID Woman Yur (new body)

If there is any doll you would like to order, please order it soon before sales ends.

Thank you for your time.