Soom's Bronze Cuprit

I was amazed how fast she shipped--I think everyone worked hard to get as much delivered as possible before Christmas, and I was not expecting her before February, at least! I was able to go down and meet the mailman when he came, so that he didn't have to get out of the truck--it was hovering just above zero F, and with a little breeze, that's cold. I'm so happy I don't have to keep going to the basement to check the level of the oil tank, too--I keep waking up wondering if I need to order more oil, before I remember that we have gas here. NicorGas is the one that has to go keep checking the tanks. :D

As for Miss Cuprit (Tatiana), she is one of the nicest of the Soom dolls I have--almost no seams, no marbling, a gorgeous color (even J said it was "a nice human color"). Interestingly, she has the old head with the magnet pockets, so horns can be installed in her!

She has the new body, with it's magnet hands--they are easy to put on the elastic as long as you do it in the right order:

Slip on the hand base first, and I was able to get the C on this time before the hand, which made it easier to see how I was aligning the "c" with the slot. (You can get it on with the hand on, but it's harder to see what you are doing)

And then last, the hand...

Soom ships with the hands and feet off, so you install those yourself--that keeps them from breaking in shipping.

Thanks to Nancy_schroeder_ca, I know how to pull out the elbow joint a little, and fit the "pin" into the slot on the other side:

This lets her touch her face like this and hold the pose:

She's easy to find eyes for--I have several possibilities but for right now she is in some dark blue glitter eyes, size 14mm.

I can't wait to paint her!