The Bush Noel

We bought a tree at Costco last week. The tree we got bears very little resemblance to the elegant Frasier fir that was displayed at the Costco entrance, but you have to buy them on spec--you get a receipt and you swap that for a tree out in the parking lot, where it was 14 degrees. The tree guys were not happy campers, and the trees were trussed up like logs so it was hard to evaluate what shape they were, or even if they had branches all the way around. It was too cold to really poke at the wrapped trees, so I just took the fattest one that was on top of the stack, and we took it home and released it. It has a family resemblance to a tumbleweed, and it got too cold so it won't last long, but it is green and it smells nice.

With the addition of the tree and some moving of cat perches, we have managed to make the living room look like the Small Cat Exhibit at the Brookfield Zoo.