A Couch

Someone gave me a very ornate box with gorgeous hardware as a doll carrier, but all my dolls were too large for it. I still wanted to be able to use it though, so I took it apart this afternoon (saving all the hardware and coverings for other projects) and recovered it to be a sort of 18th century divan, though it is still a box (I wanted a place to store tricorns, which seem to be multiplying around here).

The back needs stuffing, and I need to make bolster-style arm rests, but this is a good start. (Audrey's head is away getting repainted by Buff, I'm looking forward to getting it back) :D. I'm sure Audrey is, too.


  1. I love the fabric proportion, it really says sofa!
    I guess tricorns breed faster than unicorns? (innocent face is innocent)


    1. OMG that is terrible!! ROFL!!!!

    2. But then one has to ask; how many unicorns can you stuff under the sofa cushions?


    3. I guess it depends on how big they are :D


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