If it's February....

It must be time for the Downers Grove Ice Sculpture Festival! We went down there last night to eat dinner, and I took some blurry photos. All the sculptures looked great-- and most of them made sense in relation to the store they were "advertising" (The theme was Once Upon A Time), though I am not sure why a unicorn for the style place:

Heres the guy chainsawing and chiseling his way around a dragon. It seems like a bit of a waste to put so much talent into something that will melt, instead of making solid sculptures, but maybe he does both:

Here's the finished product, a dragon outside the toy store:

I went all over the Downers Grove site, looking for the name of the artist, and I can't find it--I hadn't looked for a name or a card at the time I was taking the photos because he was busy, and I assumed he'd be on the website!

Here's a really nice ice ring:

And finally, here is the second picture I took at Target (where the LOVETACULAR seasonal candy sale is going on):

He could be my winter patronus, but I think he'd make an awesome ice sculpture. My pond mermaid just says "Brrr".