Some More Iplehouse Clothes

This is labelled as a SID dress, but it fits Audrey perfectly (it even came with some cocoa colored tights, which would be cute if you had a cocoa scarf or belt to sort of pull it all together. The color is a bit bright for Audrey, though, and it may go to Roswell, who looks amazing in hot pink. I will add a photo of her later if the top fits. I also got a pair of NYID boy jeans hoping one of my guys could wear it, and a plain top. It turns out that the legs are too tight for my Granado boys, and are even tight on Rebecca, but I love all the pockets even if Bex is not fond of the air gap around the waist:

The top she is wearing is a set with bottoms that look suspiciously small (I haven't tried them yet, but if Bex can sit in them I would be amazed.) But the pants are good with a belt for sitting, so I think I will see if I can get a pattern off of them but redo the waist.

I also bought a NYID boy white shirt with buttons that looks great too, so I will take more photos tomorrow. Everything, btw, was beautifully put together, the Iplehouse tailors are very, very good at construction, even on complex things like those pants pockets.