Bits and Pieces (Ereshkigal)

I'm scrambling to finish Ereshkigal's clothes for the last photoshoot for the Granado contest--I have turned in 4 pictures so far; but held off on the last one, since I wanted to get one of Eresh, who is a Granado Gabe/Soom Topaz Free Choice hybrid. Here is the sculpt as just "Gabe":

Eresh's little collar has been kind of a mess--the first one I made I tried to line with gold velour, which was too bulky and had shy little legs of nap dangling down below the edge of the collar, which was an interesting effect but not really the look I wanted. This current version has the most gorgeous paisley brocade, but it's far too ravelly to be a good choice for a small item with narrow hems. I need to learn to use fusible interfacing, which would solve a lot of my problems with this kind of fabric.

Here my friend bias tape once again comes to the rescue to make the edge neater and act as a tiny facing.

The top edge now looks pretty good, with the bias tape ironed down, here the bottom is just pinned and ready to be stitched.

The dress was done in a huge hurry last night--I just took some tape and paper towels and made a rough pattern, and cut it open (you can see in the first photo the paper towel roughs on the right side of the photo, and then the neater paper version. The paper version had to stop at 11 inches because that is the size of paper that was at hand (in the printer). When I cut the actual fabric, I extended the pieces to be roughly 20 inches long with a slight curve along the bottom hem. Because I didn't really measure much, the hem is sort of daisy-like, but that can be fixed in a later version.

I love, love this fabric--it's a soft cotton batik. Some of the batiks can stain resin, but as I am not planning on selling Eresh I'm less concerned with keeping her pristine than I would if I were making a clothing item for someone else.

Here you can see the trim that will go around the hem, and the awesome cloak fabric:

I still have to put together her cloak and headdress, but the background is painted and ready. It's mostly just getting everything done enough it won't fall off of her for photos, and so there are no pins. (The Random Crap box is for pins and needles, so they aren't laying around for Stripey to find.) Right now she is the World's Most Bored Cat. Here she is putting the smackdown on a Q-tip:


  1. That dress is going to turn out really pretty! Love the cloak fabric as well, it looks so amazing D:

    1. Thank you! I love that cloak fabric but my sewing machine is not happy with the "thick and thin" parts of it--the thick parts are almost needle-proof. :o So I am finishing it by hand.


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