The Pink Wig

I have made it ..different, if not maybe better, by adding some fluff to cover the bald spots. On the upside, the bangs now stay out of her eyes. Also, I still love the color and the texture of the might be soy? Its smooth and shiny. It also looks good with an adorable little gift Pegapup sent me, a Hello Kitty Mermaid:

I think Selket is less enthusiastic about the merthing than I am. :D

It's so cute. Perfect for pestering all the dolls!


  1. Excellent job on your pink wig and it looks very cute on her.
    How are you holding up in the cold winter weather? I have my second cold of the season. I read that if you take a shot of whiskey each night it prevent your getting a cold. So I have been making my self hot toddies before bedtime and then staggering about during the day. I was checking the weather today (we are due another sleet, rain, snow, ice storm tonight) and found this very funny video. Sharing:

    1. It's that poor man with the shovel! Luckily I haven't had to do the ice dance yet (crosses fingers). I like your plan with the whiskey--mostly I have been drinking tea and coffee and anything hot--I figure winter can't last more than another month and in the meantime I don't have to mow the lawn ;) I'm guessing things should warm up for you in the next two weeks!


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