More snow pix

The cord thing on the porch wall on the right (center photo) is a new addition--it's an electric heating wire that sits on the edge of the roof to prevent ice dams. We can't figure out if it works or not, partly because J keeps unplugging it, thinking it will set the house on fire. However, it has been plugged in now and then, and so far no water has come down through the wall and out the kitchen outlet, which is good. And apparently the wire has not yet caught the roof on fire, either.


  1. That third picture makes it seem like maybe the possum is snowed in. Is that really the shed door?

    1. Mr. Possum's front door is around the corner and there is a gap there, possibly made by him and his bunny friends squeezing out. It gets less snow on that side because of the bush, too. I haven't checked over there for prints today but I bet they were out this morning--it was sunny and nice.


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