Progress on E

I need to start thinking of what goes on her head--Mesopotamian gods had quite the "do" going on up there, along with her horns, but I can't quite visualize how they will all work together yet. (These doll projects would go faster if I had a finished photo to work from). In any case, the cloak-thing, which ended up more like an Arabic thob split down the middle, is basically put together. I may still put a lining strip around the collar and down the front, and I am considering some eyelash trim for the bottom if there is some black yarn in the box. The fabric was hard for the machine--it's a stretch polyester with a sticky metallic finish and the needle skipped so much I ended up going back this morning and doing some hand-sewing to correct it:

But even with the fabric being not very cooperative, I love how it drapes. Here is Eresh just pinned into her dress, with the cloak draped over it:

Back to work!