Tail-Friendly Clothing

Rajendora (Sewing Box Designs) made me some custom kimono so that Selket could have some easy-to-put on tops that wouldn't hang up on her tail. This was the problem:

And Rajendora carefully crafted the solution:

All the kimonos have a center back split that falls where the tail emerges. She worked without a tail in hand, so I was impressed that the split hit precisely where it was supposed to. For some of these I want to make full trousers, and for a couple of others, ruffly steampunky skirts. Here are more of the pieces Rajendora created:

This one is a heavy brocade (I supplied all the fabrics, not really keeping in mind the scale of the garments in the case of this one!) so instead of using an obi, I think I will put some frogs at the top and make it a more Chinese style garment with gold "silk" trousers. Selket is just glad to no longer be living in a pink cheerleader outfit (one of the few items I had that someone had customized to fit her tail).

The workmanship on all of these is gorgeous--all the seams are lined and finished.


  1. She's so pretty! Especially in that first one.

    I don't think the big dragons are too big, mainly because the historical dragon patterns are even bigger, one that would take up the whole body back and front. But I do like the idea of pants under the kimono, you could go with a monpei look, sort of like pedal pushers.

    I'm going to put a link to this post in your project report if you don't mind! ^_^


    1. Please do! They are so fun, I especially like the drape of the soft paisley flora; it looks like something I would wear everyday if I was a scorpion girl..no itching and easy tail movement! Thank you again!


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