Iplehouse Audrey

After having handed off my gray Bianca and then looking around fruitlessly for a normal-skin one on sale from Den of Angels for less than 800.00; I finally found a different New Young Iplehouse Doll in the form of "Audrey". Audrey is nice in that she has a great factory faceup and looks a lot like the old Mars, who I was fond of-- but never quite got the money together to actually buy before he was discontinued, and even better... the seller was from Texas. Every single transaction I have done with The Ladies From Texas have been awesome from start to finish, and the dolls always look like they have just stepped out of the doll factory showrooms, or in the case of Audrey, with extra hands, feet..and shoes (!). So here is Miss Audrey, wondering how she ended up in a house that doesn't even offer her a decent pair of jeans, much less a stand, a display case. . . or much in the way of accessories besides a leopard handbag. (It is a superior little handbag bought from Swazini, though.) So now she is sitting in the cedar closet between a cyborg, a dead guy and a necromancer, and she looks a little nervous.

Once I get Ereshkigal's crown done and her photos taken, I will sit down and get something sewed up for poor Audrey. At least she has some really cute boots. :D

I did order her some smaller Eyeco eyes that were on sale for her in purple, since that was the color they had at the sale price. Purple is good.


  1. Congrats on gettign her, she's very pretty! I'm sure she will get more comfortable around your other characters in the future :D!! I also would be nervous around such company x)

    1. Probably getting some clothes will help, and I can make room in the girls' closet with her, where the aliens and vampires live on the top shelf, away from the "normal" people. She still will have to sit with a bunch of elf girls :D And thank you too!


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