Eyes for Cat

I rolled some more eyes last night, and figured out a way to make the pupils separately but not have them fall off later--I would run a pin behind them to go through the center of the eye and form a stem, since I am finding the half-rounds a little hard to adjust in the eyes. I know the stems can foul up with the s hook in small heads, but a tiny stem might be ok. But that is for the next batch.

These were really just to give Vivian, Cat's Vesuvia, some pupilled eyes to wear until Ersa Flora comes back from vacation and re-stocks her glitter eyes. Here's another pair:

These are the closest to what Cat is looking for in glitter eyes, and these would be perfect but the gloss lenses didn't settle perfectly, so they are a bit wavy. I need to rummage around for a better way to make the lens--I also have no idea what the acrylic gloss will do in hot sticky weather, but I suspect it will be weird. I have some translucent Sculpey, but it's intended for "skin" (I think) so it's not clear gloss, which is what I need. But on to the next ones--these were borderline too small, but the irises came out nice enough to send anyway:

Selket is now tired of having eyes put in and out:

These blue-greens I am keeping, as the edges ran a little, but they look cute in Selket.

I need to make her lashes and fix that dollar wig (which I like, in spite of the problems it has).


  1. They look amazingly gorgeous! The Vivian ones are too pretty for words. I can never get sculpy or any of that polymer clay to work for me, it always comes out eternally soft or over baked and I have to paint over it completely.

    Whats up with the wig? I'm doing research on wig problems for the next tutorial.


    1. Thank you! I have found boiling or steaming works the best, because like you I seem to be able to scorch it in the oven at the drop of a hat. And I just use the white stuff mostly, though the black is good for the pupils.
      The wig--it's really nice in back and then in the front it's just too thin--the cap shows. It's also cut very randomly. It was a reject and a dollar on ebay but the fiber is nice and the cap fits well. I have some pink yarn I am going to unspin and then root in a little fluff here and there to fill it out--it may look odd but it will be fun anyway. And I can always sew a hat over the whole thing :D


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