Superbowl Snow

It started to snow last night and right now it's still snowing--but it was pretty this morning:

The problem is that the snow has to be cleared off the walks and the driveway, which is less fun than admiring it from inside. J was willing to go out and scrape it:

I did laundry and poked at various doll faces and tried more wigs on Bex--I don't care for this one though it's kind of a cute photo:

J kept himself busy making an elaborate lemon cake:

The cat was super bored and ate some of the roses in the flower arrangement:

I suppose I should turn off the light-up deer before it disappears under the snow entirely.

There will be more shovelling tomorrow!


  1. Your photos of the snow are wonderful. My favorite is Stripey sitting at the window. It is always so lovely, that first deep snow, all white and clean as if starting winter anew. Lends itself to poetry.
    Where close to earth like mice we go
    Under the horizontal snow.
    Edna St. Vincent Millay

    1. I still think snow is magical--I never really saw any until I was 20, being a Los Angeles child! I like seeing all the little animal prints that develop during the day as well; rabbits and possums and squirrels and raccoons!


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