The Couch Continued

It's got a seat (that acts like a lid to the space underneath), and the beginnings of a back. I will work on it more when everyone is out Monday, as it requires a lot of noisy hammering (who knew upholstering was so loud?). Right now it's big enough two people can sit uncomfortably close together, or in splendid isolation:

The lunette thing on the back needs to go up higher, and the side arms need to be made for real and stuffed and whipstitched on. I'm sure the beads in the back are no fun to lean on, but as the couch supposed to be epically ugly and vaguely 18th century, I think it's doing pretty well. It keeps people off the floor, anyway! I could really use two side chairs and a nice reading chair, but all these things take up room that I don't have at the moment.