More Eyes

OK, I did figure out this is not the way to make these--I did make a mold (you can see it at the top) and that is the way to go--but I don't think I will do the inverted cornea because I can't get the glaze smooth enough as it dries--it tends to ripple and that looks odd on the cornea when the eye is in a doll. So I am going to make a mold of a simple dome, roll a cylinder with the black in the middle, make slices, press them into the mold (you use cornstarch as the release) and put a toothpick in the back to make it easier to paint. And I think I will bake them in the oven, but for maybe 12 minutes because this oven is hot. Some of this batch in the photo came out fairly well, but what makes them look good is metallic paint and glitter rather than the shape, which is pretty grotesque when I hand formed them. On the other hand there are eyewells that are pretty gross, too. Here are the brown ones in daylight in Bex:

Aside from the fact that they fit, I really like the eyewhites because I can paint in details there that the commercial eyes don't have.

Another reason I didn't use the oven today was that J made me a Valentine's Day cake! Vanilla cake with Grande Marnier Chocolate Mousse filling and frosting, oh my.

And though the weather was cold, we got a dusting of snow that outlined the heart carved into our front porch by a previous owner:

Happy Valentine's Day!