December Mitsuwa and Lovetacular (again)

I think this was Marceline's Fairyland Chloe at the December Mitsuwa meetup--Marceline also gave everyone wonderful little doll-sized gifts, in my case a little ceramic mug the perfect size for my SID Bryan--it was so nice of her and of course I hadn't come with much of anything, including dolls, because we had a lot of other holiday stuff going on. She also had a smaller Fairyland guy and a artist's doll from an Australian artist.

I wrote down the name on a scrap of paper and of course now I can't find it. Here's a gorgeous Galena who comes to Mitsuwa now and then:

December seems a long time ago already; though it was just this morning that I took down all the Christmas ornaments off of the tree and took the bare tree down to the street, where it mysteriously disappeared after 15 minutes..someone wanted firewood? A tree for Orthodox Christmas? I have no idea.

Target thinks it's time for everyone to start thinking of Valentine's Day:

They have your chocolates right here:

And in the category of awesome signs, here is the classic marquee at the Tivoli theater in Downer's Grove:

Finally, here's a little something that I thought was cute when I went to Home Depot--they always have weird and wonderful things lost in their parking lot--this looked like a little party to me: