The Leftovers

Looking very surly at being forgotten in their bags from the big inventory photoshoot, Amber (Luts Nanuri 07) and Violetta (Luts Juri 07B) pout on the table top. It took so long to get everyone together that the sun went down, which is why the photos from yesterday are a bit blurry. It's almost artistic here, where Carissa (a modified Soom Cuprit SO) sits next to Ereshkigal (Granado Gabe head on a Soom Free Choice Topaz body), who seems to be "resting her eyes".

I wish these guys had come out better--an Iplehouse Denzel and an IOS "G"; I think I will re-shoot them later when I get a day with some sun.

Finally a quick look at Iplehouse Rexy, who probably should be stored in tissue, but I like seeing her with the other dolls so she is still out for the moment.