The Witch of Oz at Soom

I'm not sure if this is Glinda or the Wicked Witch of the West, or both at once; but she is mighty fine and all the things I love about the Soom princesses--the wonderful styling,the beautiful headsculpt, and the lovely accessories. I hope she sells well, so I can get her second-hand someday!

Here is the gray version:

The head sculpt is by Jung Hei-Eun

Here is her sales page!

I have to update this January 21, 2016----for reasons that are not clear, Soom has pulled the sale indefinitely..AnitaS sent them a query on the Q and A board and got back a vague answer about "quality issues", which I find mystifying--I also wonder what happened to people who put in orders at once? It's been about 3 months now since they have introduced a large doll, which seems to me that they are either having trouble finding casting partners for the larger sizes, or that the profit margins are too small on the large dolls (smaller dolls aren't that much cheaper, and are easier to cast accurately and finish). In any case, I suppose we just need to enjoy the big Super Gems we have now.