Thursday, January 28, 2016

Moira from Magic Mirror Studios

Nanyalin has been busy casting up a new set of fairies--Akutenshi7 has two of the smaller girls, and they are gorgeous! This is the size of this larger girl, who is ready to ship as long as you want her blank (painting takes longer, of course):

Moira, the Fenian Sidhe


(Google will convert this number to the local currency of your choice if you want to see what the price is for you)


Height: 50cm

Wig Size: 5’5-6

Eye Size: 10mm

Foot Length: 6cm

Waist: 13cm

Hips: 19cm

Bust: 17cm

Thigh girth: 12cm

Inner leg length: 27cm

Outer arm length (Shoulder to wrist): 13cm

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