Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sicktress Finishes Her Head!

I saw Déesse when she was still paperclay and I was: "I need dis". Now she is finished, and will be cast by Haru Casting, and you can be part of the preorder for Ebony, Tan or Gray

(You do need to send Sicktress a note via Tumblr or on Den of Angels.) You might ask "Why do I get a mini Death Star with my order?" It's actually a resin sample so you can order a matching body from Impldoll, Resinsoul, Mirodoll, or maybe Dollshe, without having to send off the headcap. Or you can consider it a prop-with-purchase. (I would add more nurnies, and a screw eye to hang it up) I already have an Impldoll ebony body and while Erzulie won't like sharing, the color and fit should be perfect. Go look at this post on Sicktress' Tumblr to see more faceup and complete photos!

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