Sam Arrives Back From Sicktress

Sam is an Impldoll Octavia painted up to be a boy (c 1630) on a Granado body. He is silly fun--I finished his pants in time for his head's arrival, which may be a first. He is still waiting for his own wig, and a shirt. I did start some shoes today, but most of the day was spent out with Akutenshi, poking at stuff in Tuesday Morning and at Joann's, where trim was on sale. It was a nice day--sunshine and 30 F-- and I went out without a coat, though I was cold. The cat started out being inside, watching birds:

And then she went outside (!) to see them in person:

J opened up the shop to see how everything was doing (here, talking on the phone to K in Philadelphia about snow):

Akutenshi brought a stole to keep Dierdre warm, and coffee for me:

And we took measurements of her little Soom Thera (but not her fancy sheep feets, which I think are unique to her.) I will put those measurements up tomorrow!


  1. He looks faaaaaabulous! I love the little earrings!

    1. Haha at the moment it's just photoshopped on--I need to find my hot glue gun so I can put his earring on in a removable way. He's so neat!! I have a second body I am going to try him on--it's not as buff but it will give him more head mobility. He's got his "real" wig now too! Thank you again!


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