Lydia, Aurora, Crystal...and Jerry




Impldoll has apparently chained Sean, their sculptor, to his workdesk until he can surpass Granado's Crocus Lee's "Sculpt A Month" program. Crystal was out last week, I think, but Lydia and Aurora also appeared then, and now suddenly "Jerry". (For some reason his name cracks me up):

Jerry's gene pool has too much Soom in it to be interesting to me--I'm not too fond of that super smooth look for guys anyway. There is another, larger "Supermodel" size guy out, that has been in development for a while: "Nicholas". I like how detailed his face is, though for some reason his promo pics feature a faceup with unevenly painted lips. The sculpt is great, though:

If I had a bigger house one of the girls might be coming home; I especially like Crystal --though I think a tooth removal would happen once she got here. Crystal has a nice fullset.