Soom Little Gem/Elf Female Measurements

When Akutenshi7 came over Saturday, she brought Miss Fiona (A Soom Thera) here to be measured. Fiona is, except for her little sheep feet, pretty much a standard msd/ mini size.Here's the numbers:

43 cm tall

17cm bust

13 cm shoulder point to wrist, along outside of arm

nape of neck to waist, in back 8cm

6cm upper arm

5.5 cm forearm

7.5 cm hand width widest part, Left hand

7 cm hand width widest part, Right hand

wrist at ball 5cm

14 cm around under bust plate (waist)(Soom says 15 cm)

18.5 hips

10.5 cm thigh

waist to knee at front 12cm

waist to knee at back 12cm

20 cm leg length (from Soom site, I assume the human form)

5.5 foot length (also from Soom site)

22cm around shoulders (for cloaks)

7.5 neck in middle

19cm head circumference

Eyes 16-14mm

7/8 wig

Awww what a cutie!