Argonautica's Ifit

She is a 58 cm resin doll from a Russian doll maker, and very bendy and nice--she has sort of Souldoll wrists and seems to come with option fist hands (awesome for dressing). Two makeup options, a natural on and a more dramatic one. You can see more of her at her Facebook page: or at her home site, where you can make your orders:

Maybe it's the little red wig-- but I think she is so cute!


  1. She's lovely!! thanks for sharing with us, I could probably would have never found about argodoll by myself

    1. I was so tempted but I have other bills right now--she looks like a wonderful poser! I know people have bought the little alien guys you see on Facebook--they are neat too (though not my style), but at least you know the dolls are cast and delivered in reasonable time.


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