Doll Inventory 2016

I haven't been on the web for a couple of days, because K and I pulled out all the dolls, found their wigs, mostly dressed them, and set them up to take the annual inventory photo. This took about 5 hours, so no one is posed carefully and no one is wearing anything that laces or takes more than 2 minutes to throw on. After the photos were taken, I boxed up some of the dolls that were out all year last year, rotated some out to more accessible places in the house so I can sew for them, and decided who needed to go this year (mostly a couple of rolling heads, and one large doll). I also checked everyone's boxes for papers, extra hands and bits, and generally took notes of who needed what for wigs and clothing repairs. Everyone now has shoes, which was last year's goal, and a lot of them have eyes I made myself. This year I would like to make more wigs because wigs apparently are a consumable like least according to Stripey the Cat. Also more stockings and skirts, and a few more seasonal things. Here is almost everyone--one head is out for painting, and two of the dolls were still in their dollmeet bags and it took me a while to find them, and Selket the Vesuvia I have decided to photograph on her own, so I don't risk knocking her over and breaking a finger or tail tip.

It was a good couple of days to be doing this, as it was cold outside--around 4 degrees F, which is pretty normal here for January, but it was 40 degrees last week--I had a bunch of iris come up, and wooly caterpillars come out of hibernation.

But getting out all the dolls was also a chance to goof around with them, which is why it takes 2 days to get them set up and then get the dolls and doll things all put away again.

K says this is Captain Aldwood, sans hair, asking why the subtitles are updating so slowly on Drama Fever.

It's also one of the few times I take my avatar doll out of storage to carefully play with her:

It's also fun to take pictures once everyone is set up, because they make amusing tableaux just by chance:

Here is Pleione, a Soom Cass, that somehow ended up missing photo day when everyone was set up:

Granado Katrien, Impldoll Plaice, Soom Elf Sabik,and a Soom Epidia, all sort of members of the "boat crew" in one spot.

Deirdre the Deer has Crown Hair, and Amphibel says it wasn't her fault...

There is always someone who isn't paying attention, and this time it's Granado Pancho:

There are a few more photos, but I will save them for tomorrow!


  1. What a great and beautiful crew! And it's good you got help setting them up, you need a hand or two for the ones who try to escape :D

    1. It's so true--I really needed someone to help me get feet into skirts and pants, especially. (Also to be sure no one fell over). And thank you too! They are so much fun!

  2. That's a massive project~ Did you actually count your dolls? :D haha~

    1. I try not to--I just say "too many" when anyone asks :D Though right now storing the clothes and accessories is becoming more of a problem than the dolls themselves! (the house is not large). I need some shelves in the basement, I think!


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