Thursday, January 21, 2016

Lelahel Again

Lelahel is very busy right now, getting ready for L Doll in Europe--I had not realized that she was one of the original organizers, but it makes sense, since she has been in the hobby for some time and is organized. The Love Me or Die Beryl (Jeline) up there is modelling a dress that is for sale right now on Lelahel's Etsy, and as Lelahel is living in Lyons it should be no surprise to anyone that this dress is made of Lyonnaise silk (it's long, you should go see it). Anyway, the whole reason I was wandering around stalking Lelahel's various online photos is that she has the Fairyland Chloe I like the best, this lady on Lelahel's Deviant Art Gallery.

And I had just sold my Granado Jaden was I an adult? Did I put the money responsibly in my business bank account? Of course not..I went to Den of Angels and bought a Chloe faceplate and headback from someone who had ordered her direct from Fairyland, so Chloe has a COA and a pedigree. I will have to paint Chloe and find eyes for her, so I went to go look at Lelahel's Gahaiah to see how to paint her so she doesn't look like Bubbles the Mermaid (there really needs to be only one Bubbles in any person's collection).Bubbles says "What?"

Chloe will be on Headless Laurel's body to begin with--I'm hoping she will fit. It will be odd to see Laurel with a head!

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