Impldoll Female Idol Measurements

I am hoping to get some doll things sewn this week, since it's too cold to roam around outside. But first I needed to measure some dolls, so I started with Coriel, a Impldoll Azalea. She's a slightly newer version of the Idol than the first ones that Impldoll cast , so she is a good poser and everything works well on her. Here are her basic measurements--you can see where I measured by looking at the photo for most of them:

Bust= 31cm

waist= 20.5 cm

hip= 32 cm

Upper arm around= 9.5 cm

forearm, around = 8cm

wrist at ball= 7cm

shoulder to wrist=21.5

hand circumference widest point 12.5cm

Collarbone to waist (front, over bust)= 14.5 cm

nape of neck to waist (in back)= 11.5 cm

shoulder blades, across back plate= 8.5 cm

Waist to ankle (side)= 44cm

inseam= 21cm

hip to ankle (Human hip, not hip ball)=40 cm

hip ball to ankle(side)=36cm

Waist to knee (front)= 23 cm

waist to knee (back)= 24 cm

upper thigh (around)= 18cm

calf (around)= 13cm

ankle widest point= 9cm

flat foot (heel to toe)= 7cm

instep (around upper foot)= 8.5

toe box, around= 7.75cm

neck ( the very top, for hybrids)= 10cm

around shoulders (for cloaks)= 34cm

around base of neck (for collars)= 11.5cm

Here is Coriel and Headless Laurel-- the older body had the wrong ankle balls, so I made more that were the right size but the wrong color, and the blushing just peeled off (I need to bake some new ones). Laurel also has a not-perfectly-fitting bust plate and the older knees that you need to turn outward to have her sit. There is a fix for that, but you need patience and a dremel. The slot inside the hip has a little extension on the bottom so that the leg can turn, and if it is too short or not cleaned out completely it can't turn far enough to bring the knees upright.

Here's Coriel and Laurel sitting--you can see that Coriel is better at sitting "normally" than Laurel is:

And finally just a head shot of "good sport" Coriel. I bought that wig from Impldoll and it is awesome. :D

For people who want to hybrid the heel feet from Impldoll on other things--this is the new foot (used on both Star and Idol sizes)

It is about 7cm around the ball, a bit on the large side.

The Soom heel foot is from the Old Body (and it is different from the New Soom Body--you cannot swap them between the old and new Soom bodies) and is more of a typical heel foot size. Soom only sends one set of ankle balls with a doll, so you need to use the ones that came with the flat feet for the heel feet.

Don't buy heel feet without the balls! Each set seems a bit different from another.

If you want a smaller foot that has an ankle ball attached, this is the link to the SD sized heel foot at Resinsoul.


  1. Nice to see Coriel - she's such a beauty!
    May I ask you a question about Impldoll Idol Female body?
    I've ordered this body with a small bust option.
    I'd like to order some clothes for my girl, so I asked Impldoll about small bust measurements and they said it's 22,5 cm.
    The smaller the better, but do you think it's possible that it's only 22,5 cm?
    Sorry for taking your time, but I have no much experience with bjds, so I can't imagine is this possible or not?

    1. Well, her waist is 20.5 so that seems really small..I haven't seen the small bust option myself so you would need to find someone who might have it? IMO stretch is your friend in tops no matter what size bust you are dealing with, so at least to start I would get something like a plain stretchy T shirt--you can always layer fantasy stuff on top of it later if you have a fantasy character :D Also big tenty robes work well.

  2. Thank you for the replay^^
    As well as I'm pleased with so small bust, I believe it will be really troublesome to find shirts for her... Anyway, first what I'm going to do is to order some T-shirt!
    Have a nice day^^

    1. You are very welcome! Good luck with your girl when she comes, too!

  3. Hi! Thank you for this awesome post!
    I was wondering, the "nstep (around upper foot)= 8.5", is that around the part that sticks into the leg? I'm looking for high heeled feet for my girl who's ankle girth is at 8.3 cm, so if the numbers add up, maybe I could get her some high heels from Impldoll o w o

    Thanks in advance!

    1. It sounds like the Impldoll heel feet would fit your girl, assuming you measured the inside of the leg ;). Who are you trying to put heel feet on?
      (I added some photos to the thread since you are probably not the only person who wants heel feet):D

    2. Thank you for the quick answer! :D I'll need to double check since I've been going from the measurements that the artist have, but that sounds awesome :D
      I got a MerryDollRound Fang on the Komorebi body :3 Would love to see her on some heels xD
      (Great idea :D It's really helpful!)

    3. That's a cool body! It looks like it was designed to be able to take heels--check out itsfansea on flickr-- the first photo of the Komorebi body shows her in heels! I love that Fang head :D


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