I sold my original Aurora to someone who wanted to make a Vanessa Ives doll (from Penny Dreadful), which sounded so fantastic I was happy to help; but then I didn't have a Hyacinth the Barbarian here anymore. Hyacinth is a sort of mashup between Elle Woods from Legally Blonde and Red Sonja, and she is just a lot of fun to make things for, so I did want to replace her.

 Then Iplehouse had the Haute Couture sale, so I bought a Raffine with the Aurora money (I am not sure Iplehouse really intended people to buy the girls without their outfits, but she went into my cart with no problem). She's quite beautiful, but I am not sure yet I am used to her as Hyacinth. But since I have seen so few owner photos of Raffine, here are a few more:

(That is the default Iplehouse faceup by the way, it's gorgeous!)