Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Random Wednesday Photos

We went to the mall and yes, to Marshall's Home Goods. They now put the really amazing decos in the middle, away from the mall door, but there are more than ever-- and I did buy a box to keep doll heads in (you see why the Home Goods buyers and I are on the same wavelength). There were tiny moose skull bookends, Buddha heads and hands, SD sized globes (tempting), and a James Gurney-like desk ornament (also tempting).

There were a lot of gorgeous glass plates, and a couch pillow that we did buy. I need to go back when I am not distracted by weather and construction, both of which made it difficult to get to the mall and back home again. We also went into the unfortunately named Hot Rags and found some print bedspreads and fantasy T shirts, so it was a fun excursion.

The cat has also been having a good time--she has been finding baby mice on the porch, and bringing them in to play with them--at the same time we bought her a box of stuffed mice, which she likes--but after a while she looks at us like "these are ok... but I like those other ones better, can you bring me more of those scampering ones?"

Luckily she doesn't go outside much, because we had baby robins, but they are now teenage robins and out of the nest. There are still robin nests around, though--including at the local Starbucks:

"R is for Robin"

This was a fun sculpture at the same shopping mall:

And finally, we had rainbows this evening!

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