Thursday, July 21, 2016

Iplehouse YIG Black Denim Dress Set, and Some Boots

As usual, Iplehouse shipped out almost instantly, and the box arrived today. It was a split, so there were several boots and a shirt for Akutenshi's boys, and a wig, one of the denim dresses, and some heely sandals for my Bliss; who up until today had only a sort of toga to wear. Here's the items all wrapped up from the box:
I went for the dress first--its so cute, and look! it goes on without having to go over the dolls head, and snaps in the front! Yay!
The little petticoat is actually a skirt by itself. That went on with no problem, but the dress was..tight. Really tight. I did manage to squeeze it on, but I had to be sure the petticoat was not under the dress, and I had to work at it to get the snaps to close. The fit once it was snapped shut was pretty low-cut too--I wonder if it was fit on the default Bliss, who has a small bust? Mine is the standard Large.

So I went and got the other Midwesterner in the house, my Soom Agate (Daisy).
Daisy is okay with this, I am not sure Bliss is...

It fits pretty well, a bit low in the front, but a bow on a pin would fix it, and the 2012 Soom female body is slim enough the dress snaps up. And it's cute. (Daisy is wearing an Iplehouse wig and a necklace by Cat)
Here is Bliss with her jewelry and the tulle petticoat and the wig net for a top (it was just handy).
The jewelry was included with the dress and it's wonderful-- This was my favorite piece. There is also (not shown) an elegant Chanel-like bracelet of silver chains. There were also 3 non-elastic bead bracelets that I had to take her hand off to get on, but since I was putting on her heel feet and had a chopstick already, it was no big deal. Then I took a look at the boots:
Hmm. I thought those were all boy boots, did Akutenshi want heels for her Chris? Was the model number right?
The model numbers match, the details are all the same, but the heels are..kinda different! oops!
I did like them, so I just bought them from Akutenshi and put them on Bliss:
(Bliss really does need a real top to go with all this.)
Here are the boots from the side--were these maybe Scarlett's or Marion's, designed to have breeches stuffed in them? I wonder if a Granado boy leg would fit in there, with the heel feet? :o

Finally, I took a close up of the size 8 Saddle Brown wig. This is an awesome color--it's several colors mixed, and the fiber itself is smooth and non-tangling, like a Leeke or a Crobi wig. A bit heavier than the Monique fibers:
I've always been happy with Iplehouse wigs! The workmanship on everything was super; it's just the fit that seems to often be a problem. I have no explanation for the boots. ;)


  1. I'll admit I chuckled pretty hard at Bliss is that wig net top :D! That little denim dress is completely adorable though and how odd about the boots! That wig looks absolutely gorgeous, I need to look into getting some wigs from iplehouse.

    1. I'd buy a lot more of their wigs and accessories if they wouldn't ship them's something like 15.00 for a nice necklace and then 35.00 or so for shipping.:o I try to wait until I can combine orders before I buy anything, but everything small I have gotten from them is so excellent!


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