Friday, July 29, 2016

Clean Plates/ New OS who Dis?

Well, thanks to Fry's Electronics I now have a squeaky clean, partitioned C drive, my image files were saved, and my printer reinstalled more successfully than it did the first time. I also have a new Intuos tablet and Photoshop CS3 installed. I have found... most... of my passwords. I got a stern lecture about not running more than one antivirus at a time, and about cat hair in the tower; and I now have the Acer as my separate Tumblr surfing machine so I shouldn't be exposing this machine to as much junk as before. I still have Windows 7. What I do not have are my custom brushes, which I put on a disk a year ago, and have since misplaced, WinZip, my fancy fonts, Irfanview, Terragen, several fractal generators, 4 versions of Filter Forge, Poser, or Daz Studio. I sort of like it this way, but I really do need to load at least Poser back on there, if I can find the box.

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