Saturday, July 2, 2016

Ereshkigal, All one Color

Thanks to AlisonVonderland, I probably own both Dark Tan Delias that Impldoll ever produced. I could be wrong, but in any case I am quite grateful to have this one, as she is the successor to the Bronze Super Gem body I had with the painted Gabe head. As much as I loved that combo, the paint was forever chipping on her head, and finally someone wanted to take the Gabe head as a Gabe head, so I split it off and shipped it out. (Sicktress is taking the Bronze SG body).

 I was also excited to see that this version of Delia was the first style, with the slimmer fingers and the larger ankle balls. She's a good poser, though you do have to twist her legs to get her to sit because of the cross-stringing in the hips. Chalyss tells me that the latest version of the Idol once more has the hip cuts with the "traditional" old 11 stringing, and I need to go look and see--I could use a couple of bodies and that would nudge me over the edge into choosing an Impldoll body instead of a different one.

Right now, since it is summer, the doll companies are going nuts with new releases: Souldoll promises two new mini-robots, Iplehouse has of course the Elves, Granado has an archangel in the oven, and Soom has just rolled out two new teeny centaurs, who are very cute:

 "Rang and Dain". I especially like the tiny horns.

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