Saturday, July 16, 2016

Iplehouse's Midwestern Aesthetic

I always try to check Iplehouse and Soom every day, because they tend to pop up interesting things without telling me ahead of time ;) And I had to laugh when I saw this cute little denim dress--it sort of sums up the popular view of the US Midwest: "Corn and Demons" as a Tumblr post put it-- denim with a goth lining, on a girl with Swedish/Polish/German ancestry. Even the curtains are right ;) I'm very fond of denim--where I grew up in California jeans are what you wear; and later when I lived in the Pacific Northwest, jeans, a denim jacket and a Pendleton wool shirt are the clothes that fit the climate the best. (If you add a denim vest you have a "Canadian tuxedo", which I actually owned when I lived in Seattle, right down to the Frye boots). Lightweight cotton denim is wonderful to sew with, too.
 So here are the two denim outfits Iple has together--I think the other SID girl is Aria, but I am not used to seeing her as a blonde, so I am not sure:

This is a good photo to see the height/shape difference between the two body styles, too. (I suspect Bliss did a fall earlier in the photoset because she has the telltale poof on the top of her head.) Bonus pic with Cheesy the Cat:

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