Hands/Feet/WristBalls/Ankle Balls/Heely Feet at Soom!!

Did you break a finger? Smash a wristball? Bought something secondhand with no heel feet or no flat feet? Soom is doing a special sale (and I assume the time is limited, so go look) The hands and feet are for the newer 2012 body, but since they are selling the wrist and hand balls as well, I think  you can retrofit them on the old bodies. I have swapped the female hands back and forth between the old and new bodies. Here are the female hands they are selling, in several colors as you can see from the samples above--gray, tawny, etc.

Yes, those are the fancy mid-nail hands AND the special Long Nails hands! The ball-jointed hands come unassembled, btw. The wristballs are these, for the magnet hands:

...And the tiny magnets :D

 I feel like I should order a case of miscellaneous hands and feet... but I have to go to the dentist next week.