Angel Toast Crow

You probably know of Angel Toast as a faceup artist, but she is a sculptor too--and in a partnership with Luts, she has made a new head, "Crow". You can take a look at him on --I assume you can look without a membership, because I did, but I am not sure how shopify works. Here is the text info on him:

This is Angel Toast's new original sculpt, Crow! He is an elf through-and-through. A friendly bard, a cunning thief, a haughty ranger... perhaps even a dark fey king...
He is meant for SD-sized bodies and wears an 8-9" wig and 12mm eyes.
For this first preorder, he will be cast in Normal Skin and Tan resin, which matches LUTS Normal Skin and Real Skin Brown, and similar colors. One of each color will be exclusive fullsets at the Atlanta BJD convention 2016, so for the preorder we will have 8 available for preorder.
The head is sculpted to fit LUTS Delf and Senior Delf bodies, and there is the option to order a body with the head. A custom faceup can be ordered as well. Please allow an additional week if you order a faceup.
Wait times are estimated at around 2 months for a head and about 3-4 months for a full doll.
Shipping invoices will be sent out when the product has arrived with us.
Thank you very much for your interest and support!