Thursday, July 14, 2016

Kasia and the Gyaru Nails

When JennyNemesis went to Japan this spring, she took a photo of a poster of crazy nail options at a place in Osaka (with "exotic nail options"... that looked like tiny Catholic items ;) ) So I was interested to see a vlogger that K follows, try out the "Stiletto Nails With Bling" for herself. They looked awesome, but they were apparently a pain.

 TheUwagaPies is a fun vlog anyway; they are a Polish couple living in Japan, making movies for commercials, and they spend a lot of time just doing normal things in Japan like visiting cat cafes and an owl cafe. (The owls did not look like they enjoy it as much as the cats do).

Check this out.

(A sample of Kris' work-- and the secret of making good anything)

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