Sunday, July 3, 2016

Return To The Flea Market

So it was a beautiful day, and we went back to the Kane County Flea Market, to look once more for a vise that J wanted in the boxes-o-crap in the center section of the Flea Market. It's 5 acres, but a lot of the vendors seem to be in traditional spots, so I am getting better at remembering who has what where and which vendors are regulars. The transient vendors seem to take the center section and the open, no tent tables, and sometimes that is where the truly odd stuff is. Here is J trying to decide which box to look in:

The vaguely horrible pink thing the lady is holding is actually a pink teapot:

I thought blue taping the edges of the glassware was smart, though decanting them onto a table cloth might have given the vendor better sales--the sun would have made everything beautiful. I noticed a LOT of chandelier crystals this time, because the sun made them sparkle. I resisted buying any and now I am a little time we go, I might pick up a couple to put in the windows.

They had some fabulous rocks (also more scorpions preserved in urethane in the main building; it was too crowded in there for me to get a good photo):

I just noticed the fabric on the left in the back--I didn't see those at the time.

Barbequed corn--there were like 100 people in line for this, so I didn't get any; we did our own on Friday night and the corn this year is just awesome--all that rain in the spring must have made it grow well.

Another very "American" thing--coyote for sale for your Harley or couch:

And as promised, the cow skins (same seller as the tiger eye beads I got for Akutenshi)

On my "next time" list is to ask the regular bead guy how much his ropes of seed beads are (he and his wife were super busy, so I couldn't get his attention easily), and to look more in the main building and a couple of the barns we skipped. (The rabbit barn is bogus, it is full of Amway and sports cards).
Also I need to look more at the clothes--even if I wasn't going to wear a sarong, the fabric is gorgeous. Here is what I did buy:

Including the red brocade tablecloth, this all came to under 20.00. The most expensive thing we bought was a 4.00 waffle cone with ice cream, and a 4.00 frappuccino I bought at the Barnes and Noble down the street, which has cleaner bathrooms than the flea market. The C clamp really is a piece of junk and I kind of regret the dollar I spent on it, but it's good enough to hold up a doll backdrop.

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