Friday, July 15, 2016

Miss Mercury

She ("Tabitha") is just the cutest. My problem with her is that she looks pretty good in almost any wig, so I am having trouble finding "the perfect wig". She arrived a bit late in the day today, too, so I didn't have time to try out all her clothes and shoes; and as it rained as well, I didn't do her nails. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a chance to work on her a bit more and take more photos. I like working with her maiden body a lot--it holds poses almost as well as an obitsu, without the squeaking or the fragile waist joint. I'd like to be able to take her places for photos, which means whatever wig she ends up with can't be too unique or fragile, because travelling around with dolls makes their hair crazy :D

So it helps to start out with something already a bit messy, though not like this:
Or this, though part of me likes how outrageous it is:

This is a pretty wig, but it also has a tendency to fall off, which can be inconvenient around water:

So right now I am trying to spiff up this Leeke wig to be her travel wig:

Right now I have managed to get it in a pony tail with 2 tendrils on either side of her face, which looks pretty cute, and a little softer than this style. More photos tomorrow!

And here they are! Here is the Leeke wig fixed up:

Full dress:
(The boa is just something I had here)
And here is Tabitha not willing to get her shoes dirty :D


  1. I actually have had good luck with putting a band of cotton fabric around heads, taping it, and then running a straight pin through the wig so it catches the cotton band. You do have to be a bit careful with the pin, but it hold on wigs well. Also I found the headband that came with the dress is amazingly great at clamping on wigs. I may have to make more of those ;)


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