Search Terms: Catfish

This charming "Catfish" is by Lisa Falkenstern (you can get prints here of it).

 I can sometimes see what search terms bring people to this blog, and it is not dolls, as you might guess--it is "Hobbits", "Quokka" and "Catfish". Go figure. So here are a couple of random catfish, plus some random other pics, to prop up my stats ;)

This is a big catfish. Not as big as it looks here, but bigger than you might really want--it's an Italian Catfish apparently. YouTube video here. Fisherman is saying "A little help here, please, instead of Instagramming?"

A repost of my favorite catfish, stolen off the Internet:

And here is just a cat, trying to ignore the firecrackers all over the neighborhood:

The sunset on Saturday, after a day of pyrotechnics (fireworks in Chicago are an all-weekend affair)

And one more:

Have a happy (and safe) 4th of July!