Vaguely Post-Apocalyptic Laurel

I actually crocheted something for a doll that is Sort of. Laurel, a Fairyland 65 Chloe head, is now on a Loongsoul Large Bust Body; and when Loongsoul says Large Bust, they mean "pumpkin sized." So I had nothing...and I mean nothing.. that buttoned over them--Sicktress sent two pretty stretch dresses that I am sure would fit, but they were modern in style and Ashley took one (it was black and red). They also have to go over the head, and Laurel's ears make this problematic.

 So after an hour of mangling this really lovely yarn, I had something that would go on Laurel. The crocheted cups are stitched to a wool back band that hooks in the center back, and the stretchiness of the yarn  makes the top stay up and centered. It kind of visually reduces her bust, too--it just looks like the yarn is bulky, and not Laurel.  Girrl knitted the fingerless gloves. Buff made her pants, and the gun and holster came from Wildwoodangel. Now that I have worked with this body a bit, I really like it, and I have some ideas for other patterns to make to fit Laurel's top, plus some armor. (She is supposed to be a sort of border guard elf, so she needs a bit more armor and camo stuff. The yarn is suprisingly camoflage-y:

("I blend")

This is a pic I took right after I finished the top--her arms have stops at the top to keep them in place, very useful!

In case you were curious, this is how I got the Fairyland 65 head to stay on the Loongsoul body:

That is a soom "banana" made of resin instead of an S hook. I think I put a felt pad underneath her neck as well, but the banana was the most important thing--the S hooks catch on the faceplate parts:

For some reason the banana lets that prong slide over it and the faceplate closes and it stays on securely. You don't need a Soom piece, you could make one out of wood or sculpey as long as it is the same shape.