Random Friday Photos

You'll be glad to know the bunny escaped, since Stripey saw a bug or something and dropped it, and it ran away into the lilies, where the cat is too big to fit.

This car appeared in my driveway Tuesday. The driver did come and ask if it was ok, but since it was already there I was not likely to say "no". Eventually it disappeared--I have no idea when because I had to go out to get glasses and groceries, and when I returned it had vanished. So random.

K likes the Moofia the way I like the Tokidoki Unicornos. This was her find in one of the blind boxes.

Something you can buy at Target, if you are into Unicornos. ;)

This morning's visitor on the back deck, hopefully eating ants. We have a million ants..at least.

Apparently this is the right way to get Stripey to sit in a box. I was doing it wrong before.

I need to eat the vegetables faster. This was part of Thursday's dinner:

Soon there will be tomatoes too; there are 2 tomato plants here and 3 pepper plants. The tomatoes are winning:

Stripey thinks I should just grow catnip.