Moore Romeo's Photostream, the Purse, and Flowers

If you like Iplehouse dolls, you are in for a treat--moore romeo's Flickr has lots and lots of wonderful photos of them!

 I kept running across this photo when I was doing google searches for various Iplehouse molds, and it always cracks me up-- it looks just like they are looking in a mirror where the camera is. Pamela is saying, "What do you think of the ombre lips?" and Doria is "Mm, not bad!" (I am pretty sure Doria's faceup is by Lisa Jameson (Pepstar) with those signature brows. Here's another photo of moore romeo's:

(Doria Vampire sees camera, makes derp face) "You always take pix of me eating! Stahp."
There's a great photo of Raffine with a cigarette, and a whole bunch of the rare Rania, looking gorgeous.

My own activities today were doing yard work, cleaning out the fridge, doing laundry, going shopping once I realized that we had reached the end of the Costco Toilet Paper Fort in the basement, and working on The Purse. I actually took it apart again after I took this photo:

 and removed the stiffener I had in it and I want to redo some of the way it's put together. I also went to JoAnns to get more lining for Sicktress' Haru's tunic, since I discovered the fabric I had wasn't big enough for the second sleeve, and I bought an actual small purse pattern so my sister-in-law's purse will look a little more professional than K's. I hope. And as promised, backyard flowers!


  1. I bet Evelyn doesn't have any flowers as happy as morning glories and sunflowers!

  2. She's got those nine foot tall cannas though! Hehe! (She also spends much more time than I do caring for the yard, and you can tell.) I need to weed-wack along our common fence so it looks good on both sides. They have a really beautiful cherry tree in the spring, too--I will try to get a photo of it next May!


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