A Shirt For an Old Supergem

I want to take a group photo in a couple of weeks, but some of the guys need clothes. Probably pants, too, but I am not great at drafting pants, so I am putting it off. This is a Soom Sphaler, on the old Supergem male body, and he's nice to sew for--he sits and stands well. This is Balthazar (he has a nice but fading faceup by Davinurinvega, and he's stolen his brother FuBai's wig for these photos.) He's actually getting a different shirt, but he was handy as a fit model.

The sleeve fabric is basically cheesecloth, so it was Not Fun to sew with. Here is the inside of the shirt:

I had to whipstitch around the edges of the sleeve fabric just so fingers wouldn't catch in it. The next one I am working on right now has a couple of things different--side slits, for one thing, so it won't bunch up when the doll sits, and a sleeve with less gathers at the cap. I do like this way of doing the hem, though--it lays more flat than turning up the hem and slip-stiching it.
Here's the back:

It has snaps down the back. I might do a thin strip of velcro or hooks for the one I am working on now, it's hard to get the snaps aligned perfectly and they are fiddly to sew on. The nice thing about this pattern is that you can dress the doll easily, it doesn't go over his head and the sleeves are wide enough that the hands pass through them no problem. I think all doll clothing should be like this. :D
Once I get the pattern the way I like (there is no paper pattern for the sleeves or collar yet) I will scan it and add it to this post.